Proud to say “I am a GNOME contributer”

I have translated aroud 3 strings for GNOME desktop. So now I am proud to say that I am a proud GNOME contributor now !!

This is the web page of SMC

Visit the page of GNOME malayalam

In my opinion the best way to enter into the FLOSS is by joining a FSUG near you and start with localisation.

Today I had an chat with santhosh chettan. He also said me the same thing.

Here  everyone are in a rush of setting up FSUG-Calicut and FSUG-Thrissur.

Visit mail pages of FSUG-Calicut and FSUG-Thrissur

Here are the files translated by myself




If any one wants to join malayalam localisation team please visit



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2 responses to “Proud to say “I am a GNOME contributer”

  1. Mahesh

    The new website for smc has been changed to

  2. Thanks Mahesh for pointing out the mistake.

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