Hi all. My name is Jeffrey. At present I am an Electronics engineering student. I love Electronics and I am a GNU/Linux and Free Software enthusiast.

This is my blog. Also I maintain a site named digital GNU.



Please Click here to visit DIGITAL GNU


3 responses to “About

  1. Hello Jeffrey,

    Remember me ? I’m Sreejith of CSE senior batch.

    Good to see you in the mood of innovation and experiments. Are there any students left in JECC who are interested in FOSS ?

    This is a nice blog you are maintaining. Congratulations….

    Are you (now) a student of Pramode sir ? He always says about the JECC batch but have’nt heard of you 🙂

    What’s your main project ?

    • Ya I remember you. Hope you are going fine. I am not actually his student i.e I am not going for any classes over there. I know him. We are in the FSUG Thrissur group. Also I consult him if there is any doubts.

      I dont think there are any students who loves GNU/Linux in Jyothi Engineering College. There are some students from ECE who are my juniors interested in FOSS. No one fron CSE !!!!

      Any way pramode sir has a good impression on JECC.

      Keep updating your blog. I am a regular reader.

      What are you doing now?

  2. I’m now preparing to write GATE. Also planning to join with Pramode sir in FOSSTRONICS.

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