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Diff & Patch: An one minute tutorial

Most of us working in open source projects need to generate modification on a special part of code.

After making changes we need to send it. Only the difference in the file is needed to be sent.

So how to create a difference(diff) file ? Simple .Follow these steps

diff <original dir>X.c <working dir>X.c > “diff file”

Here diff file may be X.c.diff.

X.c is a c language file.

Now if we receive the diff file, how to join(patch) it with our orginal file? See below

patch X.c X.c.diff


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Python tutorials

Just try python

If you have used C before ,python will raise you from all your headaches.

I was surprised to see  how easy it is to code in Python.
I think in schools student should be thought Python first and not c++(My first computer language that I learned in plus two) or basic(I haven’t studied.But now it is there for 10 th standard students)

Here are the links of some python tutorials that I like most

1)From the blog of kushal das
Visit the site, or read the book online or download the tar.

2)Adventures with Neko!
Good one for kids
by Pramode CE

3)Snake Wrangling for Kids, Learning to Program with Python
by Jason R. Briggs
Good one for kids
You can download the printable 1.4MB PDF from here for free (zipped size is 1MB).
Updates will of this book will be announced here

I will update if I get more tutorials


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