First meeting of FSUG Thrissur

Today we had the first meeting of FSUG thrissur.

There were 9 members.
We all met on P G Center at 5.30 pm

2 were students from GEC
Pramode sir
Ranjith sir
Suresh ചേട്ടന്‍‍
One lady lecturer of Govt. Diploma
Two guys. Name’s I dont remember.

Also these meeting will be on every friday 5.30 pm at P G Center.

One of the thing that I noticed was that there was a lady member. Its actually women power in FOSS. We had a general discussion on the inauguration.

These were some points discussed

>Inauguration on 4th December at Sahithya academy

>1 day complete event

>To release a tutorial CD (video) on how to install GNU/linux and also some basic operations

>Poster and broucher

>Also to distribute UBUNTU DVD I think still some points are missing. I hope some one will post more  on  the mailing list.


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National Conference On Free Software, Kochi India

Software . Free Knowledge . Free Humanity


15th & 16th NOVEMBER, 2008


National Conference On Free Software 2008
is being organized in Cochin Kerala (India) on 15 and 16 November 2008.
Last years event was held in Hyderabad .Perhaps we should remedy this time around, I request
readers to please spread the word about the conference widely.

The event is organised by Appropriate Technology Promotion Society(ATPS) , CUSAT, Government of Kerala’s IT@School project and Open Software Solutions Industrial Cooperative Society Limited (OSS ICS)

If you like to attend National Conference on Free Software please register as a delegate online.

I think this is my first seminar I an going to attend.

My exams will start on this thursday starting with Economics. Time to study 😦

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BeagleBoard @ Pramode Sir’s blog

Wow I was shocked seeing the post of pramode sir’s BeagleBoard Experiments.

Actually I was in search of the board. Soon i have to visit him to see the board.

Please follow the link to get more details

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Forking Ubuntu: The Story of gNewSense

Last week i had a try on gNewSense.

It was one of the GNU/Linux distro recommended by GNU on the page linked here.
The one I am giving here is a file in the home folder of the gNewSense CD.

It the story of how gNewSense was made. So I taught of sharing it.
It was a seminar conducted by Brian Brazil on ILUG AGM 4th November 2006.

Please download it from here forking ubuntu

The actual file format is odp. But wordpress wont allow to upload odp.

So please rename it into ForkingUbuntu.odp

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Proud to say “I am a GNOME contributer”

I have translated aroud 3 strings for GNOME desktop. So now I am proud to say that I am a proud GNOME contributor now !!

This is the web page of SMC

Visit the page of GNOME malayalam

In my opinion the best way to enter into the FLOSS is by joining a FSUG near you and start with localisation.

Today I had an chat with santhosh chettan. He also said me the same thing.

Here  everyone are in a rush of setting up FSUG-Calicut and FSUG-Thrissur.

Visit mail pages of FSUG-Calicut and FSUG-Thrissur

Here are the files translated by myself




If any one wants to join malayalam localisation team please visit


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Diff & Patch: An one minute tutorial

Most of us working in open source projects need to generate modification on a special part of code.

After making changes we need to send it. Only the difference in the file is needed to be sent.

So how to create a difference(diff) file ? Simple .Follow these steps

diff <original dir>X.c <working dir>X.c > “diff file”

Here diff file may be X.c.diff.

X.c is a c language file.

Now if we receive the diff file, how to join(patch) it with our orginal file? See below

patch X.c X.c.diff

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Missed my Software Freedom Day Celebrations

Yesterday was software freedome day in Malabar Christian College, Kozhikode.

I was unlucky to miss my Software Freedom Day Celebrations. We had an seminar at
our college on Embedded systems.
The sad thing is that I didnt met any of the members of SMC which I was in search to meet.
I think if I have another chance I will meet them.

See the reports

Kishore’s report

Hiran’s report

And also by Shyam K

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