Last 15th (Saturday) & 16 (Sunday) were unforgettable days for me. Because these were the days I went to attend the National Free Software conference at CUSAT Campus, Kochi. Actually the first free software conference that I attended. The unforgettable thing was the Protest against ‘Platinum Sponsor’ :- The notorious Novell.

See these 



“If the Microsoft corporation, whether it wishes to be part of this ecology in a genuine and sincere sense or not, if it succeeds in getting one distribution to pay royalties for the distribution of free software, other distributions will do so. They will have to. That will then succeed in marching the commercial sector away from the noncommercial sector, and Microsoft then will be able to use its patents to sue to block the development of software in the noncommercial sector without the fear of suing its own customers, which is the force that now constrains them from misbehavior with their patent portfolio.”

Eben Moglen, Software Freedom Law Center



“Our partnership with Microsoft continues to expand.”

–Ron Hovsepian, Novell CEO

The Charge Sheet

➔ Novell helps Microsoft more than it helps GNU/Linux ]

➔ Novell Still Insults Competing GNU/Linux Distributions and Sun’s

➔ “Novell and Microsoft’s software patent agreement betrays the rest of the Free Software community, including the very people who wrote Novell’s own system, for Novell’s sole financial benefit.

➔ Novell Helps Microsoft’s Fight Against Ajax, Web Standards, SVG by supporting Silverlight & implimenting its GNU/Linux Version

➔ Novell supports Notorious proprietary Standard OOXML

➔ Novell Pushing Microsoft’s Patents to GNU/Linux & Cheating Free Software Community

➔ Novell is the biggest Promoter of Mono in Free Software Development


I had a great experience with Anivar Aravind on the second day. Anyway I donot have to describe much about this because you can find a lot from these post.


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