First meeting of FSUG Thrissur

Today we had the first meeting of FSUG thrissur.

There were 9 members.
We all met on P G Center at 5.30 pm

2 were students from GEC
Pramode sir
Ranjith sir
Suresh ചേട്ടന്‍‍
One lady lecturer of Govt. Diploma
Two guys. Name’s I dont remember.

Also these meeting will be on every friday 5.30 pm at P G Center.

One of the thing that I noticed was that there was a lady member. Its actually women power in FOSS. We had a general discussion on the inauguration.

These were some points discussed

>Inauguration on 4th December at Sahithya academy

>1 day complete event

>To release a tutorial CD (video) on how to install GNU/linux and also some basic operations

>Poster and broucher

>Also to distribute UBUNTU DVD I think still some points are missing. I hope some one will post more  on  the mailing list.


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