COOL BeagleBoard

While surfing through the blog of Pramode Sir (His new blog on came up with a post on BeagleBoard demo at Bangalore

Searching more I found about this fantastic board.

Beagle Board

Beagle Board

It’s not for sale right now.It will cost $149(and additional shipping charge).Anyway for an engineering student like me in INDIA will make a very hole in my pocket :).

Googling more I came up with an FLICKR account for this board.See this

You can find more info on

For IRC log see here

Check here for google code page (Get a lot of info from here)

Keep with the blog and also the group

I was in search of these kind of boards running GNU/Linux.When I get a job I will buy one.

Anyway a last link with tons of info.

Chech here



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