Biomorph (Presentation Ready)


This is a robot named Biomorph. And its my mini project.This uses a kind of RC neurons(first developed by nasa).If any one wants the papers please tell me.I will upload it.

Actually I got the idea from Dr.Prahlad Vadakkepat robot demonstration.You can also find some cool robots in his page. A tons of circuit is available.Search for BEAM robotics.

so I searched for these robots in the net. Atlast Ifound that these robots came under the beam robots category.

My robot is copied from this page

You can finf more from here

Tomorrow is my mini project preentation.So I have made my presentation use 2.2.1

Here is the presentation in pdf biomorph


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  1. This looks cool …

    I have some good ideas for creating an exciting GNU/Linux and Python based robotics platform for students (of all ages – kids to engineering students) – unfortunately, I don’t have the time to work on it – please let me know if you would be interested in giving it a try ….

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